The Arla Food Fest is a modern festival of food focused on involving children and young people in activities aimed at whetting their appetite for produce, ingredients and cooking. Arla’s vision is to spread healthier and more sustainable food habits to the next generation. The festival features lots of activities: running, a market, YouTubers on stage and a music programme featuring Mads Langer, Hasan Shah and Page Four. To increase attendance figures, Arla wanted to generate awareness about the festival and its underlying vision.

Campaign period: 10–28 August 2016


To raise awareness of the Arla Food Fest, Arla teamed up with Vi Unge, whose universe keenly targets girls aged 12–18. The communication focused on the festival’s activities, particularly the music programme.

The campaign revolved around a big competition for a meet ‘n’ greet session with Page Four, who Vi Unge’s readers simply ADORE. The competition ran on Snapchat. To participate, readers had to upload a video to Vi Unge’s Snapchat page where they showed how they would react if they were to win the meet ‘n’ greet session with Page Four.

To get users involved, drive traffic to the competition and raise awareness of the Arla Food Fest, Vi Unge ran advertorials, snap stories on Snapchat and posts on Facebook and Instagram.

For at engagere brugerne, drive trafik til konkurrencen og skabe kendskab til Arla Food Fest kørte der advertorials, snap stories på Snapchat og posts på Facebook og Instagram.


In three weeks, the two Facebook pages had generated a reach of 179,342 with 1,236 likes, 606 shares and 4,272* clicks to the competition. The two Instagram posts received a total of 2,019 likes. The two Snapshot stories had an impressive 16,000 and 15,900 openings, with a completion rate of 83% and 79%, even if the stores lasted for 53 seconds and 106 seconds respectively. Almost 200 girls uploaded a video telling how they would react if they were to win the meet ‘n’ greet session with Page Four. All things considered, the campaign effectively communicated Arla’s messages on the young girls’ terms, on their media and in a way that created an awareness of the Arla Food Fest.

*Gross figures




“Vi Unge has cornered an interesting target group for us and has far greater reach than we could achieve through our own channels. In addition, Vi Unge is accustomed to making content for the target group and speaks their language. We have good experiences of working together previously, and it just keeps getting better year after year. We believe that we can get more out of the cooperation going forward, and we want to use Vi Unge as a source of direct feedback on the target group’s interests.”

VIDEO: Arla Food Fest Snapchat på Vi Unge