The City of Love, The City of Light, The City of Cities – Paris goes by many names, all describing a city of grandness, of joy and full of life. However, many visitors only associate Paris with the classical sights such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Champs-Élysées, and Atout France, the French Development Tourism Agency, wanted to change this. Atout France wanted to present Paris’ new, cool areas for stylish, urban Danish women, aged 25-35 and influencers within travel, fashion, and lifestyle, and show them how innovative Paris is, especially the city’s incredible nightlife, its innovative cuisine, and the new design hotels that emerges in the trendy neighbourhoods. In other words: encourage fashionistas to rediscover the city!


ELLE Denmark was the obvious choice as a partner for Atout France. Besides the magazine’s French origin, ELLE has a strong network of stylish women, and are experts in creating beautiful events where guests just have to share their experiences on social media.

The creative idea behind the campaign was to share the essence of Parisian nightlife with top fashion influencers and ELLE’s audience. Make them feel the atmosphere of a Parisian nightclub, taste the culinary delights of the new, innovate French cuisine, and underline the distinctive French aesthetics.

Therefore, the cornerstone of the collaboration was an event for 100 guests, including 20 top influencers within travel, fashion and style. The location for the party was no less than the French Embassy, and the party was hosted by the French ambassador, Francois Zimeray, Atout France, and ELLE.

To get the right Parisian atmosphere, all elements in the event were handpicked, and were examples of exactly the new, upcoming trendy attractions of the city. A well-known French DJ and a young, innovative Michelin chef were chosen to set the music- and culinary scene for the event, and top French fashion brand, Vanessa Bruno, represented in Denmark by Mørch Fashion, showed her newest collection on the catwalk at the party.

After the party, photos and a video were shared on ELLE’s Facebook and on to widen the audience for this celebration of Paris. Finally, two travel guides with all the new up-coming must sees in Paris were published on and in the ELLE magazine. To make the guides, the ELLE editorial team visited Paris to experience all the new upcoming arrondissements themselves. This was furthermore documented on Instagram with four posts made by the ELLE team.


The party was a great success with 120 guests, including 20 stylish women from the Danish fashion scene. The French embassy was the most beautiful and unique setting for the party that Instagram was filled with posts from the evening with hashtags such as #ELLELovesParis, #Paris, #France etc. A total of 57 posts to almost 1.5 mill. followers – a truly magnificent tribute to Paris, and exactly what Atout France had wished for. ELLEs posts on Facebook had a reach of 127,240 and the competition had 1,675 participants, which exceeded the targets with 27% and 67,5%, respectively.

All in all, a successful strategy to get Paris back on the map!