ATP is the largest pension company in Denmark and disburses welfare benefits such as child benefits, social security, holiday pay, etc. The ATP group performs tasks for labour and management, the municipalities, and the state – and the company is in touch with almost every individual and undertaking in Denmark. Pension Day 2016 was Sunday 30 October, i.e. when daylight saving time changes to winter time, and thus a day with an extra hour. Pension Day is a joint campaign effort by all Danish pension companies, under the joint campaign concept “Spend an extra hour on your pension”. On the day itself, the pension companies keep their telephone lines open from 11 am to 2 pm, and pension advisers are waiting to accept calls. In addition, each individual company focuses on topics that make sense to their target groups.

ATP aims to make pensions simple and specific for each individual and it provides targeted information to selected target groups about how they can benefit from using “their” extra hour in terms of pension. In 2016, ATP focused on women and pensions. The aim was to get in touch with women aged 35 and over, as surveys show that women are decidedly less interested in their pension than men.

Purpose of the campaign:
Raise awareness of Pension Day
Increase the interest in pension savings

Target group:
Women aged 35 and over.


ATP joined forces with Aller Media to heighten awareness of Pension Day 2016. They chose the media femina, Ude og Hjemme and SØNDAG, as all cover wide segments of the target group, giving ATP an opportunity to have a wide impact.

The creative execution was a targeted native-advertising campaign where the editorial staff of each magazine customised the pension contents to their readers. Generally speaking, pension is an area of low interest among women, which is why it was crucial for the campaign’s success that each editorial staff communicated the topic from an angle they knew would captivate their readers. femina and SØNDAG focused on “how to give your pension a service check-up quickly and easily”, and linked this to interviews with women describing what type of pension they prefer. Ude og Hjemme took a completely different approach and used an interview with a divorced woman who described how she had secured her pension via a prenuptial agreement. All content was integrated into the editorial copy and had the same look and feel as the medium – including a Pension Day fact box.

The campaign ran for two weeks in print, online and SoMe up to Pension Day, when ATP had a massive presence at the very point in time when women would be focused on pension.


The campaign generated good coverage and sparked high interest from readers, both in terms of reader share,* which was almost as high as the editorial articles, and rating, which was higher than the editorial content. This was unique, as pension is an area in which women usually take little interest.


  • Print cover: 730,000 readers
  • Online cover: 18,245 page views
  • Facebook reach: 35,066
  • Reader share in Ude og Hjemme of 79% (benchmark 81%)
  • Rating in Ude og Hjemme of 3.6 (benchmark 3.5)
  • femina reader share of 89% (benchmark 91%)
  • Rating in femina of 3.7 (benchmark 3.3)

 * Percentage of the medium’s readers who have read all or part of the article.