Being an automotive brand, how do you engage young women and create a desire for your cars? For the FIAT 500C summer campaign, FIAT wanted to try a new approach rather than a traditional tactical automotive campaign which typically aims at generating store traffic and test drives. Instead, FIAT wanted to tap into a context relevant to the target group, engage with them through inspiring content, and in this way increase a desire to buy or private lease the car.

The target audience for this campaign was the urban and stylish woman aged 25-35 years old. She is young at heart and daydreams about the perfect summer road trip with her girlfriends in a cool car, giving her the ultimate feeling of freedom and joy.


To engage with the young, stylish and urban woman, FIAT teamed up with ELLE Denmark. ELLE has a strong presence on social media and is extremely successful in engaging the target group for this campaign.

The creative idea behind the campaign was to build on the young woman’s dream of taking a road trip with her best friends in the summer sun, with the top down in a trendy cabriolet car. This idea was especially true to FIAT’s Italian DNA – La Dolce Vita – which is exactly about enjoying life.

In this spirit, the campaign was executed as a series of 86 posts on ELLEs Instagram page in July 2017, featuring the ELLE team on a road trip in Denmark, driving a chic red FIAT 500 cabriolet, giving FIAT almost 100% SOV in the month of July. The FIAT 500 car was marked with an ELLE x FIAT logo, giving the campaign an outdoor promotion element, while moving around in the Danish country side. The Instagram posts featured picturesque hotels, the best restaurants, the most delicious food, the astonishing nature and of course, the FIAT 500C model in a very subtle way in the right settings, such as on the beach, in a gorgeous flower field etc. All posts were marked with the hashtag #ELLExFiat500CRoadtrip. ELLE ensured to activate their followers by asking them for the best travel tips along the way and thus, the campaign had the character of an interactive serial, where the follower could follow the road trip closely – almost as if she were there herself.

Based on the road trip, six travel guides were published on, and a competition to lease the car for a week was hosted by ELLE. On top of this, the campaign was shared on ELLE’s Facebook page.


The 86 posts had a total reach of 2,503,602 which was 32% above target, got 72,537 likes which was 181% better than expected and received 593 comments, which was impressively 250% above the campaign goal. This campaign performance was on the same level as ELLE Denmark’s editorial posts, which showed the high appeal of the content to the followers.

Impressively, there was no budget behind the posts, thus all views were organic.

The high level of engagement from followers was also evident in the comments – they commented the posts with tips for restaurants and sightseeing on the destinations of the road trip, and tagged their friends commenting that they wanted such a nice car. In other words – the goal of engaging with stylish, urban women through inspiring content was beyond achieved.

Case video FIAT x ELLE