How can a beauty brand generate commitment and loveability for its brand? And how is it possible to enhance – in a credible manner – the self-confidence of young teenage girls and encourage them to give one another love and support?

Garnier Pure Active wanted to appeal to the next generation of teenage girls in a competitive market where competitors’ brands receive lots of attention on social media. To break through, Garnier wanted to create content that meant something to teenage girls and created value for them. Studies show that low self-confidence is a problem among teenage girls and that 76% of all girls want to change something about themselves – and Garnier wanted to do something about this!

The purpose of the campaign was to differentiate the Garnier brand by helping young girls enhance their self-confidence and encourage them to show love and support to one another.

Vi Unge is a popular brand of the core Pure-Active target group – girls aged 12–18 – and Vi Unge is also focused on helping young girls enhance their self-esteem. This made Vi Unge a perfect choice for the campaign.

Garnier and Vi Unge developed the campaign “You are beautiful just the way you are” to put self-confidence and friendship on the agenda of teenage girls. We disregarded the typical product-focused agenda, communicating instead a message of self-confidence, friendship and good karma to boost the young girls’ self-confidence and, most importantly, help them feel more sure of themselves and support one another.

Through the partnership, it was possible for Garnier Pure Active to make a positive difference in the young girls’ lives, at the same time that the company would be top of mind and ensure a significant brand differentiation.

The core of “You are beautiful just the way you are” campaign was a video featuring Vi Unge readers telling their friends why they are fantastic and beautiful. The Vi Unge editorial staff were closely involved in the film where they contributed their expertise about the young target group. The video was shown on Vi Unge’s and Garnier’s Facebook pages. At the same time, advertorials ran on and Vi Unge’s Facebook page where girls were given advice on how they could be more self-confident.

The “You are beautiful just the way you are” campaign was warmly welcomed by Vi Unge’s followers.

The campaign did an excellent job, reaching more than 225,000 young Danish women aged 13–20, equating to roughly 80% of the target group in Denmark (out of a total population of 295,000 – Gallup Indeks DK). With 4,183 reactions, 4,333 comments and 379 shares, the campaign generated far more enthusiasm than expected.

Most of the comments came from girls who tagged their best girlfriends and told them why they were important to them and why they are fantastic and beautiful (both inner and outer beauty), which often prompted a variety of responses and continued interaction.

The video was viewed more 322,000 times and had an excellent organic performance. Each advertorial was read 5,000 times on average, and the average time spent on the site’s advertorials was 00:02.26.

In so doing, we achieved the goal of significantly distinguishing the Garnier brand by helping young girls boost their self-confidence and encouraging them to share affection and support with one another.

The Garnier Pure Active and Aller Vi Unge collaboration was born from the insight that roughly 76% of Danish teenagers express that they would like to change something about themselves. Together with Vi Unge we set out to reduce that number and to boost the confidence of Danish teenagers. By sharing both targeted advertorials on how to fight skin imperfections as well as digital content serving as confidence boosters for the young target group, we hoped to have a positive impact on teenager confidence. We are very pleased with the results and feel proud to have been part of this important campaign message.

VIDEO: You are beautiful just the way you are

VIDEO: Garnier x Vi Unge case video