Tulip is the oldest brand in Denmark and its products have been served at Danish dining tables for more than a century. Tulip is famous for its high-quality meat products, including cold cuts made from choice ingredients based on proud traditions of craftsmanship. However, new surveys show that some consumers are cutting back on or rejecting meat toppings altogether. To accommodate this segment, Tulip would like to provide a vegetarian alternative. Therefore, they developed Den Grønne Slagter Veggie: a vegetarian topping made of egg whites and rapeseed oil, but which is just as savoury as a meat sausage.

By launching Den Grønne Slagter Veggie, Tulip wanted to contact women who are interested in food to make them aware of the exquisite, tasty new alternative to meat toppings and in so doing increase their intent to buy the product. As vegetarian toppings are not widespread in the Danish market, the campaign had to both introduce Den Grønne Slagter Veggie as a product and create an informed awareness of the category.


Tulip teamed up with femina and Spis Bedre, as these two media align perfectly with the target group, scoring 136 and 148 respectively in terms of food affinity. femina readers and Spis Bedre readers are also perfect targets of a launch campaign, as they are trendsetters in the area of food (affinities of 170 and 275 respectively), i.e. people who are listened to by their friends and family. This provided an opportunity to create an added WOM effect of the campaign.

To draw attention to Den Grønne Slagter Veggie and heighten the informed awareness of the vegetarian topping category, a native advertising solution cutting across print, digital and SoMe was chosen. Native advertising is notably good at raising informed awareness and communicating complex messages, as the reading rate is high, and native content is typically rated on a par with editorial content, as it is tailored to the medium’s target group.

The campaign ran during the spring and started out by recruiting readers to make up a panel tasked with testing Den Grønne Slagter Veggie topping. This was very popular among Spis Bedre’s readers and twenty were quickly recruited. Coolers containing Den Grønne Slagter Veggie products were subsequently sent to the 20 women and they were asked to fill in a questionnaire about how they rated the topping in terms of taste and appearance and whether it was a good alternative to meat. The fact that the products were tested by “ordinary” women heightened the credibility of the message.

Based on the test panel’s statements, the editorial staff of femina and Spis Bedre produced print and online advertorials and Facebook posts.


The campaign soon managed to generate targeted cover among women interested in food and high involvement from the 20 selected test subjects. Facebook posts had a reach of 52,211, and users shared and tagged friends who were potentially interested in the new Veggie products.

Cover achieved:
Readers: 268,000
Advertorials’ page views: 14,037
Facebook reach 52,211