Magasin du Nord – a modern, yet historic shopping mecca – has since 1870 provided customers with lavish retail experiences. Christmas is a special time for the department store, as it features astonishing decorations that invites visitors into a universe of seasonal celebrations where shopping the perfect Christmas presents is made easy, as the department store features all the best Danish as well as international brands within fashion, interior, beauty and food.

For the 2017 Christmas campaign, Magasin wanted to tie even closer bonds with stylish, urban consumers, both men and women. Magasin wanted to inspire men to visit the department store and get the “one-stop shop” experience, where you can buy all your Christmas presents in one place, quickly and easily.

Additionally, Magasin wanted to inspire the female target audience to buy the perfect Christmas gift – and be perceived as the ‘house of most loved brands’, i.e. the department store with all the favorite brands of the stylish, urban woman. In this way, the campaign purpose was to increase the qualified awareness of Magasin’s offerings among the two target groups.


To achieve the campaign purpose, Magasin teamed up with the magazines ELLE and Dossier, in this way targeting both the male and the female target groups.

The most important aspect of the campaign in Dossier was two events, featuring talks with influencers relevant to Dossier readers. The inspiring events, which also featured a styling session hosted by Dossiers Fashion Editor, was popular, and ensured store visits by Dossier readers. Additionally, each guest received a voucher to give incentives to additional store visits.

Content associated with the two main events at Magasin, was created and published in the Dossier magazine and on Dossiers SoMe-channels. The magazine featured a stylish advertorial with a model dressed in brands available in Magasin, guiding readers to the seasons must-haves. Additionally, two Facebook videos were produced. Musician Kasper Winding and chef and author, Mikkel Karstad was featured in the videos, introducing Dossier followers to their perception of quality.

On November 30, ELLE hosted two events for their readers in Magasin’s beautiful surroundings. The events featured a fashionable dinner, a fashion talk with Fashion Director, Mie Juel, and lots of shopping inspiration for the perfect Christmas present. As supporting material, an advertorial with inspiration to Magasin’s brands was published in the ELLE magazine


The campaigns 360 degree approach proved to be successful.

All four events hosted by Dossier and ELLE at Magasin Du Nord was sold out very quickly and the guests were very satisfied. On top of that, many guests chose to share pictures of the evening on their social media.

This campaign thus ensured that Magasin reached the target audience in different ways on different platforms – and by communicating in a 360 degree manner, combining content for magazines, SoMe and events, it was possible to target both the male and female audience and guide and inspire towards a store visit. Additionally, the two Dossier videos got close to 52,000 views in total.

Britta Luplau, Brand Manager

Christmas is a very special time for Magasin, and we want our visitors to feel this exceptional atmosphere too. This campaign proved that with the right settings - and with the help of the two strong magazine brands, Dossier and ELLE - we can create unique visitor experiences together, which will certainly turn visitors into customers – a very positive outcome for us, and much more for the customer, whom awaits an extraordinary retail experience.