Maldon Salt


Since 1882, British Maldon Salt has hand-harvested and produced sea salt characterized by its fine quality and flaky texture. Maldon Salt wanted to strengthen their position on the Danish market and get an even closer relationship to the foodservice industry, and in particular the trendy chefs and ambitious entrepreneurs. The aim of the campaign was to engage this target group and increase the association between Maldon Salt and “a passion for taste”.

The target group for this campaign was professionals in the food industry. The target group consisted primarily of men, as the majority of foodservice professionals in Denmark are men. The audience was not specified by demographics such as age and geography, but united by a common interest and professional passion for food.


To engage the influencers in the foodservice market, Maldon Salt’s agency Jim Dandy chose Dossier as their partner. Dossier appeals to men in all industries with a desire to seek inspiration from other ambitious professionals. The reader is an ambitious, enterprising man, who is passionate about his profession, and thus Dossier was the perfect match for Maldon Salt.

Three top influencers from the food industry were chosen for the campaign and were interviewed about their special passion for food and taste. Based on these interviews, three videos and two advertorials were made.

The three influencers were:

  • Klaus Wittrup, owner of the hyped burger restaurant, Gasoline Grill, who has a passion for making the absolute perfect burger.
  • Lasse Tronhjem, owner of the world-famous bakery in La Cabra Coffee, who is very passionate about bread.
  • Theis Brydegaard, Chef and Development Director of Michelin-star restaurant, Kadeau, who emphasizes the use of local quality ingredients. The three videos were distributed on Dossier’s Facebook and Instagram pages over a four months’ period and the two advertorials were published in the January issue.


With this campaign, Maldon Salt wanted to get an even closer relationship to the Danish foodservice industry and engage with its key influencers.  The campaign proved to be highly successful and the results exceeded the KPI’s.

The campaign achieved:

  • Total video views: 100,000 (33% above target)
  • Total video shares: 107 (137% above target)

The engagement rate of the videos was at the same level as Dossier’s editorial videos or higher, proving the high appeal of the Maldon Salt content to the followers. However, the most important campaign result was the videos’ viral effect – the videos were shared by key influencers in the Danish foodservice industry – exactly the target group, Maldon Salt wanted to engage. Additionally, two large culinary festivals and two Facebook groups for foodservice professionals shared the videos to their total of 81,000 followers – and a look through reactions and comments proves that the engagement came from other foodies, entrepreneurial foodservice celebs, key journalists and influencers from Michelin-starred restaurants – people with a passion for taste. In this way, the influencer strategy in combination with native SoMe video content proved to be a very successful way for Maldon Salt to increase associations with “a passion for taste” and engage with the Danish foodservice industry.