Nilens Jord


Since 1982 Nilens Jord has developed cosmetics free of perfume, parabens and essential oils. In 2017, Nilens Jord launched a new line of skincare products, and sought to market the new product category to the right target audience in the most effective way possible. At the same time, Nilens Jord did not want to remove focus from the brands’ well-known makeup line.

Thus, the campaign purpose was to create brand awareness and generate qualified knowledge of the new skincare line – and at the same time, demonstrate the positive effects when combining  the makeup and skin care products.

With this campaign, Nilens Jord wanted to reach a broad, Danish female audience and to increase the communication effectiveness, three distinctive target audience groups with different purchasing

behaviors were identified.

The three target groups were:

– Teens aged 13-18 years
– Women aged 35-49 years
– Women aged 50+ years


To achieve the campaign purpose, Nilens Jord teamed up with the magazines femina, Vi Unge, Isabellas and the digital site, all of which served as the perfect platform to reach and engage the three distinctive target audiences.

Target group research identified ‘dark circles under the eyes’ as being an important beauty issue for the audience, and this became the key focus of this campaign. femina focused on guiding their readers to hide dark circles under their eyes with a Facebook video, a digitorial on and an advertorial in the magazine. The idea was to demonstrate the effect of the products in a unique combination, create brand awareness and at the same time guide, educate and inspire towards a top-of-mind attitude amongst Danish women.

The model chosen for the Facebook video was perceived to be perfect for demonstrating the effects of the products. However, the video was met with critical feedback from the followers. The followers questioned if the model had dark circles under her eyes to begin with. femina and Nilens Jord needed to act right away and change the brand associations from negative to positive.

Therefore, femina contacted three of the most critical commenters to offer them a product demonstration, to prove that the product could in fact hide dark circles under the eyes. They accepted, and a follow up video was shot and published on Facebook.

In addition to the campaign on femina, a digitorial on, an advertorial and a competition in Isabellas as well as an advertorial in Vi Unge Teenlife was published in October and November 2017 – a perfect timing for inspiration to Christmas shopping and for beauty inspiration to wear to the seasonal parties.


The campaign results were very satisfactory. The awareness of the Nilens Jord products increased among femina’s readers due to the campaign.

Before the campaign, the level of awareness of Nilens Jord’s makeup products amongst femina’s readers was 75%. After the campaign, the number improved to 87% – an increase of 16%. The awareness of the skincare products also improved amongst femina’s readers – from 33% before the campaign to 40% after – an increase of 21%.

In this way, the campaign purpose was achieved with great success!

Morten Weihe Olsen, CEO at Nilens Jord

At Nilens Jord, we develop genuine products for genuine women, and everything we do reflects our purpose. This campaign was aligned with our brand-passion, and I absolutely loved the result.