Triaction by Triumph


When a woman runs, her breasts move 7.5–20 cm up and down and side to side. This makes it essential to wear a sports bra which provides correct support to her breasts and has the right size. At the same time, we know that 7 out of 10 women wear an ill-fitting bra. Triumph wanted to do something about this by helping Danish women find just the right bra so they get correct support when they engage in sports. The purpose of the campaign was to draw attention to Triumph’s sports bra Triaction, generate enthusiasm for the brand and increase the number of trials of Triaction sports bras in the target group comprising women aged 30 to 60.


Triumph teamed up with femina to tighten its bonds with women engaged in sports. femina covers the target group well and is excellent at involving its readers and communicating with them eye to eye. In addition, trendsetters in the fashion area are much more widely represented among femina’s readers than women in general, and femina readers are more prone to try out new products and talk to their friends about them. This made femina a perfect match for the Triumph brand and the Triaction campaign.

The core of the campaign was a sponsorship of femina’s Women’s Runs. In the period leading up to the run, a comprehensive native-advertising campaign was built up to ensure that Triumph owned the period before and during the runs. The campaign ran from February to June.

Two major activities were planned to create interesting and relevant content for the campaign: One was a 10-week training and health programme, won by three lucky femina readers in a competition. The second was the Triaction x femina Social Run, a small, exclusive 5-km run (100 participants in Copenhagen and 100 in Aarhus) focused on the social experience rather than running against the clock. The participants included femina readers, bloggers and influencers. All participants received a sports bra from Triaction, so they could experience the proper support provided by the bra. This resulted in a high level of involvement in the Triaction brand and increased the campaign’s WOM effect.

To heighten an informed awareness of and involvement in the Triaction brand, an extensive native-advertising track ran on and femina’s Facebook page with engaging video content and digitorials.

The big finale was the activation of Triumph’s sponsorship of femina’s Women’s Run. There were Triumph signs along the running route, exposure of the logo on runners’ starting numbers and at the starting-line and finish-line portals, as well as a big Triumph stand with the entire Triaction collection, and the possibility of fittings assisted by experienced Triumph employees.

Finally, Triumph also activated the sponsorship on its own channels – particularly Facebook – to increase the campaign’s impact. 


The sponsorship achieved impressive results, measured in terms of reach, involvement and sales. Together, the activities generated a high level of involvement in the Triaction brand and raised awareness. In addition, all activities had a very positive effect on Triumph’s employees: they were proud of the sponsorship and very enthusiastic at the stand for femina’s Women’s Run and in the shop for the Triaction x femina Social Run. The high level of involvement honed clerks’ in-shop focus on the Triaction brand, which had a positive effect on sales.


  • femina Women’s Run/logo exposure to 14,051 runners
  • Two groups of 100 very pleased participants at the Triaction x femina Social Runs.
  • 151,464 page views of advertorials on
  • Reach of Facebook posts: 1.2 million (gross)
  • Video views on Facebook: 598,955 (gross)
  • Facebook interactions: 4,283
  • Reach, Triumph Instagram: 74,266 (gross)
  • Sales increase of more than 75% during the campaign period

Line Mathilde Bjerring, Brand Marketing Manager

Formålet med kampagnen var at lancere vores Triaction by Triumph sportsbh-serie. Det var derfor vigtigt for os at aktivere brandet og gøre opmærksom på, at Triumph rent faktisk også tilbyder sportsbh’er. Derfor var kombinationen af native advertising og events den helt rette løsning for os, da det gav os rig mulighed for at gøre opmærksom på produktet, få det testet og samtidig være helt ude hos forbrugerne til vores events. Resultaterne af kampagnen lever fuldt op til det vi forventede og vi er overordnet meget tilfredse med kampagnen. Vi oplever stor fleksibilitet og åbenhed overfor idéer og input, der opstår undervejs og har kun positive erfaringer med at samarbejde med Aller.

VIDEO: Triaction x femina