Based on a mantra of “reclaim your shape”, Triumph’s mission is to restore the slender figure of youth to women aged 30 and over. Triumph makes this possible with its new “Magic Boost” collection – comprising shaping bodystockings, panties, slips and three different bras with lift. Triumph wanted to use the launch to involve Danish women, create  qualified awareness and trials.


Triumphed teamed up with Aller Mediesalg and the editorial staffs of FEMINA, IN and Q magazines. These three media – all strongly positioned vis-à-vis the target group of women aged 30 and over – were carefully selected to reach different types of women and thus create different angles for the “reclaim your shape” mantra.

The solution was a native advertising campaign in print, digital and social media. A key feature of the campaign was a microsite whose content solely dealt with Magic Boost, primarily produced by the three media. The site featured tips and tricks for finding the best bras and shapewear, the option of signing up for a free fitting in Triumph’s shops and Magic Boost reviews by both editorial staffs and readers. The latter was key, as personal recommendations always generate great interest among users. The editorial staffs were responsible for recruiting participants for the before-and-after photos. The site also featured Triumph’s own film with Danish musician Szhirley, who pulls in Danish women off the street for a fitting in a Triumph shop.

To heighten the qualified awareness of Magic Boost and generate traffic to the microsite, the campaign concurrently ran print advertising and editorial promotion on the website homepages of, and and on the Facebook and Instagram pages of these media.


Campaign period: Weeks 10–12, 2016

In three weeks, the campaign site had almost 50,000* views and a reach of more than 200,000* views on Facebook. The campaign was also exposed to the three media’s 27,000* Instagram followers. It was particularly popular to be a test subject for Triumph, and recruitment was stopped after two days due to the large of number of applications received. The print advertising campaign reached 304,000 readers across FEMINA, IN and Q.**

*Gross figures.

**Net figures.


“To Triumph it was important to be able to describe all the details relating to Magic Boost so our target group could get insight into all the benefits of the line. Therefore, we decided on a native advertising campaign where we could describe all the USPs in advertorials (online and in print), but also show this through films and photo shoots. Also, there were the reviews from Q’s readers and the editorial staff of FEMINA which overall contributed lots of brilliant content. We chose the media Q, FEMINA and IN for the campaign because this precise mix covered our target group quite well and because we are already involved in satisfying collaboration with Aller.”