FEMINA Kvindeløb

Running party of the year for women

FEMINA celebrates life, health and joy when it starts its tour of Denmark for FEMINA Kvindeløb.

FEMINA Kvindeløb is a holistic experience with a splendid mix of cosy togetherness, beautiful running routes through scenic areas, as well as shopping, delicious goody bags and elegant prizes.

The event begins in Aarhus, after which it tours Denmark to run with Danish women, regardless of where they live.

The event’s starting/finish-line area forms the setting for participants’ experiences before and after the run and features cosy togetherness and visits with the event’s business partners. The area provides many exposure options and it is always adapted to the individual brand and its strategic focus.



The event
Stand in the starting/finish-line area
Speaker spots
The use of your products as prizes in a competition
Goody-bag sampling options at the stand and along the route
Halfway station along the route
B2B events

Logo exposure
On running jerseys, goody bags, signs, banners, finish-line portal, press backdrop wall, runner numbers, etc.

Logo on all editorial articles about FEMINA Kvindeløb
Up to three editorial exposures (highlighted as “In cooperation with the partners of FEMINA Kvindeløbet”).

Logo on all editorial articles
Online films from the event

Marketing of FEMINA Kvindeløb
Logo on marketing of FEMINA Kvindeløb

Who are FEMINA’s readers?

FEMINA/femina.dk appeals to fashion-conscious, resourceful women aged 25 and over. Women with style and strength, opinionated and bold – with their heart in the right place. She reads FEMINA/femina.dk to be inspired and entertained and to take a break from everyday activities all by herself.

FEMINA Kvindeløb 2017

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