A day filled with inspiration, shopping and pampering

IN Live is an exclusive day of pampering where the IN reader is inspired by new trends in the areas of fashion, beauty, health, gastronomy and interior design. Through inspiring workshops and lectures, she gets close to the editorial staff, hand-picked experts and partners, all of whom generously share their knowledge. In addition, the event provides lots of opportunities for good shopping, a splendid lunch and time for relaxing with friends.

During the day, guests are presented with exquisite products from the event’s business partners, both when the editorial staff take the stage for the stimulating lectures and workshops or in the shopping area where business partners are ready and waiting with guidance and favourable prices.



The event
Presentation of your products at a workshop held by the IN editorial staff
Stand in shopping area
Full-size product samples in goody bags
The use of your products as prizes in a competition

Logo-wall exposure
Mention of your company as a business partner in the editorial promotion of the event
Mention as a business partner and integration into the photo gallery
Integration into online films from the event

Marketing of IN Live
Logo exposure in all event marketing

Who are IN’s readers?

The fashion magazine IN particularly targets well-educated women aged 30 and over who are interested in fashion, culture, careers, the environment, sustainability, travel and beauty.

IN Live 2016

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