Allers Women’s Run

The running event of the year for women

After 20 years as being the femina Women’s Run, the best running event of the year now become Aller Women’s Run. The Aller Women’s Run offers participants an all-inclusive event, an experience consisting of an interesting mix of togetherness, beautiful running routes through scenic areas, as well as shopping, exciting goodiebags and prizes.

Participants can choose to walk 3 or 5 km or to run 5 or 10 km. The Women’s Run celebrates life, community and the joy of movement. So, join the event in May 2020, when femina, now together for the first time with the brands Søndag, In, ELLE and Vi Unge put on their running shoes for this years best experience, and visits six Danish cities:

Haderslev may 5th
Esbjerg may 6th
Copenhagen may 10th and may 11th
Næstved may 12th
Herning may 19th
Viborg may 20th

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor or in other way collaborate?
The venue provides a wide framework of experiences before and after the run itself. This means, that during the event, there are many possibilities of exposure for you as a sponsor, but also before the event, there are many possibilities for the target group to engage with your brand and brand story.

Please contact us for more information on how your brand can be included in the female runner’s event of the year.

Read much more about the event right here (in Danish), where you can sign up for the run too.


The event
Stand in the starting/finish-line area in all cities
Speaker spots
The use of your products as prizes in a competition
Goody-bag sampling options at the stand and along the route
Halfway station along the route
B2B events

Logo exposure
On running t-shirts, goody bags, signs, banners, finish-line portal, press backdrop wall, runner numbers, etc.

Logo on all editorial articles about Aller Kvindeløb
Up to three editorial exposures (highlighted as “In cooperation with the partners of Aller Kvindeløbet”).
Logo on all editorial articles
Online films from the event
Banner exposure

Logo on marketing of Aller Kvindeløb

Target Group

Aller Kvindeløbet appeals to fashion-conscious, resourceful woman aged 25 and over. Women with style and strength, opinionated and bold – with their heart in the right place. She reads one of Allers magasines to be inspired and entertained and to take a break from everyday activities all by herself. She participates in the Aller Kvindeløbet to have a fun and adventurous day with her friend, mom or maybe her colleagues – and she enjoys participating in a day filled with inspiration and high spirits.

FEMINA Kvindeløb 2019

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