Friendly atmosphere, inspiration and pampering

Spirits are high when SØNDAG invites you to an event focusing on pampering yourself. There are inspiring workshops on skincare, hair, jewellery, fashion and inner beauty.

During the day, the guests are presented with exquisite products from SØNDAG’s business partners, both when the editorial staff takes the stage for stimulating lectures and workshops or in the shopping area where business partners are ready and waiting with guidance and favourable prices.

In the evening, SØNDAG hosts a splendid dinner where an entertaining lecturer provides a festive finish to the day’s events.

SØNDAG Forkæl dig selv is held in both east and west Denmark.



The event
Presentation of your products at a workshop
Stand in shopping area
Full-size product samples in goody bags
The use of your products as prizes in a competition at the event
Logo-wall exposure
Two-page ad in notebook which is handed out on the day of the event

Mention as part of the editorial reporting from the event.
Logo on all editorial mention and promotion of the event for 10 weeks before and once after the event.
1 competition in the magazine on the pools pages

Logo on all editorial mention of SØNDAG Forkæl dig selv for 10 weeks before and for a period of time after the event.
1 page with a guide for your topic, such as “5 tips for healthy skin”. Reference from Facebook
1 competition. Reference from newsletter.

Who are SØNDAG’s readers?

The SØNDAG and søndag.dk target group comprises women aged 40–60 and over. SØNDAG’s readers are highly educated, affluent women. They have a high disposable income. They can afford brand-name clothing, cosmetics, specially-designed trips, design-led furniture and a new kitchen – in brief, they are ready to buy luxury products for themselves.

SØNDAG - Forkæl dig selv 2015

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