SØNDAG & Ballroom Fitness

Your workouts have never been this much fun before

Combining the best of dance and exercise gives you Ballroom Fitness. This new type of workout forms the setting for a new event held by the weekly SØNDAG.

Instructors Elisabeth Dalsgaard and Anne Mette Rasmussen teach participants all the traditional dance steps such as waltz, tango, jive, samba and rumba, and get their heart rates up at the same time. The workouts are done without a partner, so everyone can take part and learn the steps that are guaranteed to impress others.

It is possible for participants to enjoy one another’s company before and after the dance session and meet the event’s inspiring business partners.



The event
Stand in shopping area
Goody-bag sampling
Competition on the day of the event

Full-page ad with integration as part of the editorial mention of the event. (Highlighted as “In cooperation with the business partners of SØNDAG & Ballroom Fitness”.)
Logo on all editorial articles about Ballroom Fitness for 10 weeks before and once after the event.

Logo on all editorial mention of Ballroom Fitness
1 page with guide to the sponsor’s theme

Reference from newsletter.
Integration into online films from the event

Who are SØNDAG’s readers?

The SØNDAG and søndag.dk target group comprises women aged 40–60 and above. SØNDAG’s readers are highly educated, affluent women. They have a high disposable income. They can afford brand-name clothing, cosmetics, specially-designed trips, design-led furniture and a new kitchen – in brief, they are ready to buy luxury products for themselves.

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