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Tailor your own event in cooperation with Aller Event

Aller Event is always ready to develop the perfect event for your brand. Our business developers are ready to brainstorm about your options and, once these have been identified, our adept project managers ensure professional, ambitious execution.

The event will be backed up by the weekly or monthly magazine that best matches your brand and target group. This gives you the opportunity to get exposure across all platforms – print, online and events.

ELLE x Adidas Social Run is an example of a customised event developed exclusively for and in cooperation with a single brand. ELLE x Adidas Social Run was the first Nordic ELLE run to transcend the national borders of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The sequence of events extended from March to October 2016 and included training sessions with hand-picked ambassadors, an exclusive running event for 100 enthusiastic runners/readers and, as the finishing spurt, a large pay-to-run event for an estimated 2,000 participants. The entire process was covered on all ELLE social channels and online.

The possibilities in the area of customised events are infinite. Contact Aller Event with your idea or book a brainstorming session with the department’s developers.

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The event
Presentation of your products at a workshop held by the IN editorial staff
Stand in shopping area
Full-size product samples in goody bags
The use of your products as prizes in a competition

Logo-wall exposure
Mention of your company as a business partner in the editorial promotion of the event
Mention as a business partner and integration into the photo gallery
Integration into online films from the event

Marketing of IN Live
Logo exposure in all event marketing

Who are IN’s readers?

The fashion magazine IN particularly targets well-educated women aged 30 and over who are interested in fashion, culture, careers, the environment, sustainability, travel and beauty.

ELLE x Adidas Social Run 2016

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