Aller’s interior-design universe

Welcome to AllerBolig

At Aller Media A/S, we have assembled experts from across our monthly and weekly magazines into specialised editorial staffs, one of which is AllerBolig.

AllerBolig is a technically well-informed editorial staff based on journalists who specialise in interior design. We provide interior-design stories, interior-design shopping and articles for the magazines Mad & Bolig, IN, INDRET, Antik & Auktion and Retro and for the weekly magazines Femina and Søndag; the contents target each individual medium’s target group with the unique DNA which characterises it.

We can also do this for you and your brand, if you want to tell about your product on the target group’s terms.

At AllerBolig we are highly skilled in conceptual development and consultation and can help your brand by providing a complete content strategy. In addition to high-quality journalistic content, we also produce content marketing and native advertising for print platforms, websites, apps and SoMe. We can also help you with PR and events.

We know Danish women and their interest in the interior design sector and we are familiar with the interior-design sector and its related industries; accordingly, we can give you and your brand the best journalistic processing of interior-design content so you will win friends.