Aller’s women’s universe

Marketing aimed at women is a golden tool for getting your message across. Keep reading below, where we give you three good reasons for aiming your marketing at women.

1. Women make the most decisions
When it comes to a household’s purchase decisions, it is women who call the shots. Several studies indicate that women are the primary decision-makers on the home front. According to Gallup, 88% of our readers and 70% of our users define themselves as being responsible for household purchases, whereas 80% think that they make “almost all” the decisions. Also, this applies to categories such as cars, electronics, banking and private finances, pension, insurance and mortgages.

2. Women buy the most
Not only do women make the most decisions, they are usually the ones who take out the purse. A Gallup survey shows that women are responsible for 63% of all household purchases, whereas men are responsible for only 37%. In addition, if you have already convinced a woman consumer to buy your product, she will be a far more loyal consumer than her male counterpart.

3. The female segment has great potential for growth
It pays to understand the female target group, because it actually has great potential for growth. According to the LoweFriends communications agency, women’s buying power continues to sky-rocket, and their influence is crucial in all purchase categories. Therefore, you can win market shares by fully exploiting this potential.

Aller knows women
It is true that women make the most decisions and buy the most, but according to Marti Barletta, they also spend 40% more time on their decision-making process than men. This makes it crucial to use the proper channels to have your message exposed throughout a woman’s decision-making process and in all the media where she is seeking inspiration and information. At Aller Media, we know Danish women. Every month, our print media are read by 1.7 million women and 1 million women use our websites. This equates to 70% of all Danish women. At Aller Mediesalg, we would like to help you use the right channels, and do this creatively to enable you to reach the female target group and share in the potential for growth that is simply yours for the taking.