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Dossier primarily comprises interviews with enterprising men or featuring the entrepreneurial spirit of the man. We seek to make our journalism both deeper and crisper, as well as more lasting and appealing, when interviewing prominent business and start-up personalities, such as Kasper Rørsted, a Dane who recently became Adidas’ CEO. But we also focus on entrepreneurial, career-related and business angles, exemplified by a story featuring racing car driver Kevin Magnussen’s Formula 1 comeback: How did the negotiations proceed? Who manages his business and how big is it? Where is the Dane ranked in Formula 1’s sponsorship hierarchy? Dossier’s journalism is terse, not wordy or esoteric. We appeal directly to male readers, i.e. we are not unisex.

Fashion accounts for roughly one-third of the magazine: in series, news and profiles. Our series feature real people, e.g. actors or musicians, not models. As a result, we appeal to a wider spectrum beyond just young, fashion conscious readers, because an ordinary Danish man does not identify with thin, androgynous 17-year-old models. He wants a more down-to-earth story that speaks to him directly without being condescending. He also wants guiding elements, preferably paired with an interesting story. Wherever possible, we will also style all of the interview subjects featured in the magazine.

Kasper Steenbach
Kasper Steebach


Dossier targets Danish men who are interested in their career, either because they are in the midst of it and can identify with the challenges we write about, or because they are pursuing an education and want to learn from the best. In other words, we appeal to all career-minded men aged 18 to 60.

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