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Femina is an indispensable classic in the lives of Danish women and, with the catchword “For all the women you are”, FEMINA covers the entire scope of what it means to be a modern woman. This women’s universe keeps its women readers up to date on the latest fashion trends, inspires them to create a beautiful, usable home, provides heaps of delicious recipes (both for daily and festive meals alike), guides them to a beautiful appearance and a healthy body and mind, and entertains them with a wide variety of interesting articles and interviews – with room for reflection and thought.

Femina.dk is a big, useful and modern website for women, covering a wide spectrum from fashion and beauty, home and food to exercise and culture. On Femina.dk, you will find inspiration for your next party dress, step-by-step guides for this season’s make-up trends, recipes for easy and nutritious daily meals, tips for your next run in the park, and good advice on how to manage your career, your women friends and your love life.

Isabella Hindkjær


FEMINA/femina.dk appeals to fashion-conscious, resourceful women aged 25 and over. Women with style and strength, opinionated and bold – with their heart in the right place. She reads FEMINA/femina.dk to be inspired and entertained and to take a break from everyday activities all by herself.


FEMINA Kvindeløb is the women’s running event of the year and combines a splendid mixture of cosy togetherness, and beautiful running routes through scenic areas with delicious goody bags, brilliant prizes and good shopping opportunities with 8 runs in 7 cities and towns, for a total of 15,000 runners.

FEMINA Vild med yoga is the biggest yoga event in Denmark with 6,000 participants. At the event, yoga exercises are led by a professional instructor for one hour, followed by the distribution of delicious goody bags, and participants can also shop with discounts at the yoga venue.

FEMINA Dagen – Boost din stil is an event where Femina’s readers are invited to a day of being pampered with workshops and an inspirational lounge. At the event, readers are inspired in the areas of fashion, jewellery, hair, beauty, food and health in small forums of 30–40 participants, hosted by FEMINA together with experts in the fields.

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