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Mad & Bolig GOURMET is your perfect trend magazine if you love food that appeals to all your senses. Food that titillates, surprises and provides us with satisfaction that goes far beyond just a full stomach.

Difficult and complicated? No, because Mad & Bolig GOURMET is a practical guide showing you how to cook gourmet food in your own kitchen. Each issue features new recipes for delicious starters, innovative main dishes, tempting desserts and sumptuous pastries that will leave your guests breathless, without having to spend all day in the kitchen. And when conversation turns to the latest trends on food scenes in Denmark and abroad, the magazine keeps you up to date on this as well.

Mad & Bolig GOURMET is not only for festive occasions. You also get “Gourmet til hverdag” (everyday gourmet) brimming with quick nutritious recipes, to make Tuesday’s chickens take flight and Thursday’s salmon fillet almost flap its tail right off the table. Inspiration, thoroughly tested recipes and quality are the catchwords for Mad & Bolig GOURMET. But most of all, you can look forward to getting off to a good start with a chef’s knife, pots and pans at home in your own kitchen, because this is where you will experience with all your senses how Mad & Bolig GOURMET brings you the fragrance, taste and enjoyment of genuine gourmet food.

The trend magazine Mad & Bolig GOURMET is published four times a year together with Mad & Bolig.

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Mad & Bolig GOURMET appeals to women and men who love to cook gourmet food in their own kitchen. They stay abreast of the latest food trends, frequent top restaurants and enjoy inviting guests over for a five-course meal in their own home. They frequently try out new recipes – both on an everyday basis and for festive occasions – and, needless to say, they experiment with new ingredients and ways of preparing produce.

They choose the best produce at the supermarket or speciality shop, they are willing to spend a little more on a restaurant reputed not only for its delicious food but also its surprising menu, and they are not afraid of investing in new kitchen utensils and appliances. They prefer quality wine, but are also open to new wine trends.

They prefer luxury, which can be a vintage Champagne, spending the evening at a three-star Michelin restaurant or a new kitchen appliance that can help make the dishes even better. To Mad & Bolig GOURMET’s readers, it means pampering yourself and your guests with quality food worthy of being called gourmet.


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