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A mother’s life is brimming with golden moments – and sleepless nights.

At, we help answer any questions you might have about your child and its well-being. From nervously peeing on your first pregnancy test – until you suddenly have a headstrong teenager on your hands.

We update on a daily basis to include useful, practical articles for all stages of your child’s life: from breastfeeding, colic and childhood illnesses to the first day of school, screen time and bullying. We give you food for thought and inspiration for innovative thinking – and all with the help of experts in the area. At your guilty conscience will dissipate – because we believe that you are a good mother just the way you are.

Follow us on – we look forward to helping you cope with the greatest, most fulfilling assignment of your life!

Dorthe Kandi


Mama is designed for mothers, including those in waiting, newly-fledged mums and those with schoolchildren and teenagers. For mothers interested in reading about their children – and about their own role as a mother. The most important aspect being that mothers will always encounter inspiration – not demands – and positive narratives – not finger-wagging – whenever they visit



With the podcast, “birth stories”, listeners get the full story. From the first contraction to the baby is born, when a variety of mothers share their personal birth story.
Because giving birth can be a thriller, an adventure – and once in a while it’s a bit of a horror. And often, giving birth is a little bit of everything. Because when we bring this little new human into the world, it requires forces we did not know we had. And sometimes help, we did not expect we would need.

As an advertiser, you can be integrated as a sponsor of the first 10 podcasts in the series, where the first 7 have an impressive completion rate of 93%. The price for a two-months sponsorship of episode 1-10 with a 15 sec intro and outtro: 25,000 kr. (The price excludes production of the spot).

Source fact box: Dansk Online Index august 2020 + Facebook oktober 2020

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