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Q provides an exquisite, inspiring universe for all women who do not have a model’s figure, i.e. most of us. We guide curvaceous, courageous and curious women in the magazine Q, on q.dk, and at Q’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Q provides you with an exquisite, appealing universe inhabited by and for curvaceous women. The current fashion shows the way for various types of bodies to the latest modern trends and always adds lots of useful tips.

Beauty is a key topic in Q: our readers love beauty and want to be instructed in how to use the latest products and how to find products that make a difference to them. For this reason, the magazine always provides beauty-product test results, new products, guides and recommendations. Video guides and even more beauty articles are found on q.dk and SoMe.

We talk with inspiring women and present achievable ideals. Q gets women ready to take a healthy approach to their self-esteem and lead a life without feeling guilty, because at Q, we know that if you believe people are perfect, it is only because you don’t know them very well.

Dorthe Kandi
Managing Editor


Q appeals to curvaceous women throughout Denmark. Our typical reader is aware that style comes in several sizes and she is interested in looking modern and attractive. She wants to be guided in terms of body shapes and the latest fashion. She wants tips for beauty products and how to use them. She reads Q and follows Q’s social media pages because she wants to be inspired and reaffirmed that she is beautiful just the way she is right now.

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