Aller Agenda

– A unique opportunity to initiate conversations with female consumers

Based on our comprehensive survey of women consumers, we found three topics of particular interest to Danish women. These topics have a high priority in their everyday lives and in conversations with women friends and family members.

We would like to initiate a conversation across our media with Danish women on these very topics, which is where you, an advertiser, can join in. We treat each topic with loving care in print, digital and SoMe, across our media. This enables us to reach up to 70% of Danish women and to set a societal agenda seeing that such a large number of women are talking about specific topic. This gives you, an advertiser, a unique opportunity to closely align with a topic of interest to Danish women and initiate your own conversations to support your communication objectives.

All three agendas will run throughout 2018. See them below.

1. Love your age

Danish women are tired of stereotypes, ageism and age prejudices. We are now seeing how concepts such as pro age and no-age gain ground. This is why we focus on enjoying life and embracing the age you are, no matter if this 12 or 50.

2. Take your time

71% of all Danish women aged 18 and feel that they don’t have enough time for everything they want to do. Conversely, Denmark’s biggest women’s survey shows that the primary status symbol among women today is having “reserves of energy in daily life”. Across all ages, it is a matter of enjoying life – and this takes time! Fortunately, it has been fashionable to prioritise − and employ easy solutions in some instances to get more time for what is most important for each person.

3. Live your dreams

What do you dream of doing? And are your dreams within reach? What should you do to get closer to your dreams? Danish women dream big and small − we look at what it takes to realise these dreams.