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The magazine Antik & Auktion is for everyone with a particular interest in antiques, art and design. This is the preferred medium of collectors, and an indispensable – and the only – sector magazine for antique dealers. Antik & Auktion not only provides reliable price information, it is a serious reference work that sets the fashion for the latest trends and is a source of inspiration – and not least entertainment – for all readers. Antik & Auktion is brimful of serious background articles about styles and prices and it provides tips about flea markets and antique shows and how to shop for antiques in Denmark and abroad.

The website supplements the magazine with contents on antiques, auctions, retro and vintage finds, furniture classics and art. The website is also the go-to source of tips about flea markets throughout Denmark, galleries featuring design and art, and inspiration for how to live with antiques.

Susanne Jørgensen
Managing Editor


Antik & Auktion is primarily read by men and women aged 40 and over with a keen interest in antiques, art and interior design. Core readers are loyal subscribers who furnish their own homes with classic design-led furniture, frequent museums and art exhibitions and possess their own silver or glassware collections. In addition, Antik & Auktion’s readership includes a group of young readers who buy furniture and accessories at flea markets and furnish their homes in retro style.

Source fact box: Gallup Index Denmark 2019 + Facebook june 2020 + Instagram june 2020

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